12/12/2003 - Updated 09:09 AM ET
We had to ask...

The tech poll

In which salve is applied to the burning questions.


What do you fear you'll get for the holidays?
PS/2 games for my Xbox (or vice versa).
An MP3 player with too-little storage space.
A visit from the RIAA.
Some outdated thing my uncle found in the bargain bin.
Novelty gifts, like a "wacky" mouse that doesn't work.
Something I have to open the PC and install myself.
Gift certificate for an online store I'm boycotting.
I worry they won't get me anything techish.


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Stop Spam Today
Yes, we really mean today, Friday, December 12. For 24 hours, TechSoup’s DiscounTech will be offering non-profit groups a year’s free subscription to MailShell, one of the better anti-spam programs currently available. DiscounTech is a fine resource for donated and discounted computer and tech gear for nonprofits; if you’re in that line, this is a great time to check out their offerings and get yourself a weapon against junk e-mail in the process. — HSS

Light a candle
The holidays can be difficult for the grief-stricken, but they’re extraordinarily painful for those who have lost children. On the second Sunday of every December, Compassionate Friends coordinates a round-the-world candlelight vigil for the kids who left too soon, encouraging the bereaved and their friends to light a candle when it’s 7pm in their time zone. Visit this site for details, or stop by on Sunday and add a note to the memory book. HSS


WWII: People's War
The reliably wonderful BBC turns the reins over to their readers on this oral-history site, which is collecting memories of World War II as related by the soldiers and civilians who were there. From fighting on the front to life at home, discover more about extraordinary wartime events. Even if you think you know about the Blitz and the battles, the evacuation of London’s children and the rationing of just about everything, the wealth of detail in these Greatest Generation accounts will knock you out. — FBC




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